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To make studying, living and partying in our housing complexes an unforgettable experience, i Live has developed the i Live smartphone app!

We don't only want to offer you a space to live in, but we want everyone to feel completely comfortable in our buildings. The App's wide range of offerings makes living in our apartments a livestyle experience!

Community Manager

The community manager is responsible for the support and consulting of the tenants. He fulfills many tasks and special services to guarantee an extraordinary service and high customer satisfaction.

The community manager...

  • ... takes care of our tenants and gives advices if necessary,
  • ... regularly offers consultation hours for the tenants,
  • ... looks after the observance of the house rules,
  • ... manages all rental items and services,
  • ... organizes community events,
  • ... takes delivery of your parcels and letters,
  • ... coordinates services such as the shirt cleaning service,
  • ... helps you to move in and move out,
  • ... takes care of special requests,
  • ... coordinates reservations for the common kitchen and the common areas,
    and last but not least
  • ... ensures that the apartment complex is clean and tidy.



Common area - Learning Lounge

The community is in focus! Learning, chilling and enjoying the sun - that's much more fun together. That's why we designed great community areas, starting from the learning lounge to the rooftop terrace.

The learning lounge is equipped with a kitchenette, table soccer and many cosy sitting areas.

Rooftop terrace

Chill out, enjoy the sun and get to know your new neighbours - your best friends might live next to you. What could be nicer than finishing a stressful working day on our rooftop terrace?

Event kitchen

Is your birthday just around the corner of you just would like to cook together with friends?
Feel welcome to our top equipped event kitchen! You can rent and use the entire kitchen for a small fee. What you get are a large table and a lot of space for partying, cooking and enjoying.

Fitness room

Main Atrium Frankfurt stands for community, comfort and fitness. Therefore, we have got our own fitness room. You will find different pieces of sports equipment for your very personal training program.
Doing sports and training without leaving your home, cool - isn't it?

Sports Field on the Rooftop

For team players and sports fans! And of course, for all those who like to move: our large sports field on the rooftop of our apartment complex. Here you can let off steam and meet new people at the same time.

Chicken Coop


Healthy pleasure due for breakfast? Our chickens produce exclusively for our residents.
A piece of farm idyll in the middle of Offenbach.

Book your free egg via the app or pick it up from the community manager - and your start into a good morning is guaranteed!

Let´s brighten up your day

Our partners to sweeten your life during your stay at Main Atrium Frankfurt. The services are easy to order and use via our i Live app.

Persil Service Online

What name immediately makes you think of the scent of fresh, clean laundry? Right – Persil. Persil is now available at i Live. Just send your laundry to Persil by post and get it back cleaned ASAP.

CPS Printservice

Why don’t you save the space a printer takes up on your desk and use our CPS print service instead! Then you would for example have space for a beautiful plant and you can easily copy, print and scan using our service.

Paying is very easy via PayPal and your printer is placed directly in the office of your Community Manager.


Turn your photos into wall art. Simply conjuring up your favourite photos directly from your smartphone display to your wall? Mixtiles offers a simple solution and sends your square picture directly to your flat.




In our large launderette you will find numerous washing machines and dryers which you can use for a small fee.



Cleaning service for apartments

No time or too lazy to clean your room? No problem - we have got a cleaning service. Tell us via app or ask our community manager about it. We will look after an appointment with our service team.

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